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Divine Services

Quality Mental Health Services at an Affordable Price.

Individual Counseling

Divine Services provides individual counseling to adults without insurance that addresses a variety of issues which include depression, anger management, anxiety, physical/sexual abuse, grief, abandonment, etc.  These services are designed to bridge the gap that exists between mental health and mental wholeness in affected populations while empowering individuals to go forward in a positive direction and understand their own value.

Cost Per Session - $55

Transitional Counseling

Divine Services provides transitional counseling targeting ex-convicts desiring to reconnect with society, family and community.  Mentorship counseling is designed to provide accountability for the individual as they seek to embrace a new life with a different mindset.  Counseling will focus on helping the individual understand themselves, factors impacting their path, forgiveness of self and others and how to make different choices even if in the same community. 

Cost Per Session - $55

Group Counseling
Sex Offender Counseling

Divine Services provides interactive groups that focus on a variety of topics affecting individual lives and the community. Group goals are to allow individuals to share their experiences, connect with others with same or similar experiences and to receive psychoeducation and feedback. Groups are conducted by professional counselors and individuals in the field of discussion.

Cost Per Session - $15

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