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Empowered Place Counseling

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Family Therapy

Intervention to address the interrelation of the clients functioning with the functioning of his/her family unit with goals to assist the family in developing a broader understanding of the disorder. Identifying maladaptive patterns of interaction between family members and how they contribute to the client’s impairment. Developing more adaptive patterns of interaction to support the health of the client and family unit is the desired outcome.

Cost Per Session - $125

Individual Therapy

Planned therapeutic interventions to improve emotional and behavioral functioning where the therapist helps client identify maladaptive behaviors and cognition's, identify more adaptive alternatives and learn to utilize those alternatives.  IT can include learning effective decision making, developing and acquiring coping skills, making better choices and decisions regarding co-occurring substance use and achievement of personal goals.

Cost Per Session - $125

Veteran Services 
Couples Therapy

Coming Soon!

Couples counselling, is therapy designed to support people in intimate relationships. Therapy may be helpful for individuals preparing to marry, considering separation or seeking improved intimacy and understanding in their relationship. While the relationship itself is the focus of counselling, as each person focus on listening and understanding the other, one may also become more self-aware and identify areas of self-improvement for themselves.

Cost Per Session - $125

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